Intermediate Drawing Skills

Level 1 Diploma

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Trafford College


Altrincham Campus

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Art & Design

Course Start Date

Thursday 31st October 2024

Course Duration

Full-time, 6 Weeks

Course Time

Course Fee

£ 75.00
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Course Overview

Students will develop their drawing skills further by using a range of both wet and dry media, for example; ink, wax resist, chalk, charcoal, graphite.

Course Requirements

Participants are not required to possess any previous knowledge or expertise. We welcome individuals with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to actively engage and contribute.

What you will Learn

Drawing from observation will form the backbone of the course while you practice formal elements such as composition, scale, proportion, light and shade.


There is no formal assessment however you will be asked to complete a RARPA confidence survey.
This will happen at the start and the end of the course and will record your progress in this subject.
Learners will also receive constructive verbal feedback each week and will be encouraged to keep a photographic record of their work.


Further Intermediate drawing and painting courses, such as Acrylic Painting or Life Drawing. For those wishing to take their studies further and to gain a qualification, there is the Foundation Diploma course.

Career Options

Completing a drawing course can open up various career options, depending on your interests, skills, and the level of commitment you’re willing to invest. Here are some potential paths you could explore:

Freelance Artist/Illustrator: You can start offering your services as a freelance artist or illustrator for various projects such as book illustrations, magazine covers, posters, or digital illustrations for websites and social media.

Graphic Designer: Drawing skills are valuable in graphic design. You can create logos, branding materials, advertisements, and other visual content for businesses and organisations.

Animator: If you’re interested in bringing drawings to life, animation could be a great fit. You could work in 2D animation for cartoons, motion graphics for advertisements, or even explore 3D animation.

Art Teacher/Instructor: Sharing your knowledge by teaching drawing to others can be rewarding. You could work in community centres, art schools, or even offer private lessons.

Storyboard Artist: Storyboard artists create visual sequences to outline scenes for films, animations, or commercials. Strong drawing skills are essential for this role.

Illustration for Publishing: You can explore opportunities in illustrating children’s books, graphic novels, or editorial illustrations for newspapers and magazines.

Comic Book Artist: If you have a passion for storytelling through sequential art, becoming a comic book artist could be a fulfilling career path.

Concept Artist: Concept artists create visual representations of ideas for various industries, including video games, film, television, and advertising.

Surface Pattern Designer: You can create patterns for textiles, wallpaper, stationery, and other products. Drawing skills are crucial for developing unique and appealing patterns.

Art Therapy: Combine your passion for art with helping others by pursuing a career in art therapy. This involves using art as a form of therapy to improve mental health and well-being.

These are just a few options to consider, and there are many more depending on your specific interests and goals. Keep practicing your drawing skills, build a portfolio showcasing your work, and explore different opportunities to find the path that suits you best.

Mandatory Units

There are no mandatory units

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For further information please contact T: 0161 886 7070 or E:

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Although every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within this document is accurate, there may be changes to this programme and provision. We will endeavour to keep prospective and current students updated where appropriate and when the information becomes available.
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