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Partner With Us

At TSCG we’re incredibly passionate about bridging the gap between our classrooms and the world of work. Much of your future workforce is currently in education. Sharing your knowledge, experience and advice will inspire and inform their career choices – helping them to develop the confidence to move into a role that is right for them – and to be the right employee for you.

Employers often ask how they can engage with young people to raise awareness about their sector and business, help prevent future skills gaps, and identify potential talent pipelines all at the same time. Our suite of employer opportunities is designed help to meet these needs and range from guest speaker slots to attendance at careers fairs, through to work placements, site visits and more.

Here’s just some of the opportunities available where you can help us make our students more employable:

Students can shadow employees on a site tour to understand what a business does and perhaps take part in a small activity, if possible. These visits can span from an hour to a full day depending on the interaction a business is able to provide.

An invite will be extended to an employer to visit one of our college campuses to speak to our students about their business and answer any questions the students might have

Invite students to take part in a planned project or masterclass/ workshop. Different to work experience, the student will enter into the workplace with a particular project to complete which provides our students with a taste of the world of work

Traditionally a week or two in length, providing an introduction into the business and allowing the student to engage with small projects under supervision of a member of staff.

In addition to traditional short-term work experience, our students will have the opportunity to take part in our Industry Placement Programme, benefiting from 40-60 days with a top employer in the student’s chosen sector, linking what the students are learning in the classroom to practical application in the sector. The college will support employers to build the placement on an individual basis, setting objectives and goals for the student to achieve during their time on placement.

An invitation to be involved in a Careers Fair at one of our campuses. Employers will be given a stand and will have the opportunity to share information with students who are interested in joining your industry following completion of their studies.

Benefits For Learners

Young people will leave the education system with the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to succeed. working-age adults who are out of work or who have low levels of skills will have access to the support they need to enter and sustain employment. all adults have the chance to up-skill and progress in their careers.

Benefits For Employers

  • Increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and retention. 
  • Maintain and develop competitive advantage.