Counselling is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose to pursue. Counselling skills are useful for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in increasing their knowledge and experience of active listening through self-awareness and personal development. These skills are beneficial to a wide spectrum of people and professions.

Those working in voluntary organisations, teachers, care workers, police, religious organisations and many other professions use counselling skills to help carry out their various roles. Counselling is therefore often of interest to students wishing to pursue a wide variety of careers.

Career Opportunities

Competition for full-time paid work is strong and many counsellors do a mixture of part-time, voluntary and private work. With experience, many of our students go on to  set up their own practice or choose to train as a counsellor supervisor or trainer.  

Counselling is often a second or third career, and life experience is highly valued. Following our courses we recommend students become a member of a body on the Professional Standards Authority’s counselling register, which can improve career opportunities within the field. 

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