Empowerment Journey: Building Confidence and Resilience in Adults

Level 1 Diploma

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Trafford College


Altrincham Campus

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Health & Social Care

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Wednesday 18th September 2024

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Full-time, 3 Weeks

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£ 400.00
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Course Overview

An empowerment journey is an experience that involves building confidence and resilience, enabling individuals to navigate life’s challenges with courage and determination.

It begins with acknowledging one’s worth and embracing self-belief, fostering a deep sense of confidence that serves as a foundation for personal growth.

Building resilience involves cultivating a positive mindset, embracing change, and viewing challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

Ultimately, this journey not only transforms individuals but also empowers them to uplift others, creating a ripple effect of confidence and resilience within their communities.

Course Requirements

Participants are not required to possess any previous knowledge or expertise. We welcome individuals with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to actively engage and contribute.

What you will Learn

Along this journey, individuals develop resilience, learning to adapt and bounce back from setbacks, failures, and adversities.


There will be no formal assessment.


Upon completion of the course Students may wish to progress onto another leisure/community course.

A variety of leisure and community courses are offered for your enrolment, including but not limited to:
Hair and Media Make-up
Health and Social Care
Art and Design
Childcare and Education
Digital Skills
Hospitality and Catering

Career Options

Completing a course in Building Confidence and Resilience can have a positive impact on your personal development and open up various career options. These skills are valuable in many professional settings, as they contribute to improved communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. Here are some career options you might consider after completing such a course:

Life Coach: As a life coach, you can help individuals build their confidence and resilience to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Your training will be directly relevant to this role.

Mental Health Counsellor: Building confidence and resilience is a significant part of mental health counselling. With additional education and licensure, you can become a counsellor specialising in helping people with these issues.

Career Coach: Career coaches work with individuals to identify and pursue their career goals. Building confidence and resilience is crucial for job seekers and professionals looking to advance in their careers.

Human Resources Specialist: HR professionals often need to support employees in building their confidence and resilience, especially in high-stress workplaces. Your skills can be valuable in employee development and support programs.

Training and Development Specialist: These specialists design and deliver training programs within organisations. Your course could be an asset when developing programs to enhance employee confidence and resilience.

Youth Counsellor or Mentor: Working with young people, such as in schools or youth organisations, can involve helping them build confidence and resilience as they navigate challenges.

Social Worker: Social workers often work with individuals and families facing adversity. Your skills in building confidence and resilience can be helpful in this context.

Teacher or Educational Support: Confidence and resilience are important for students. You can apply your knowledge in the classroom or as an educational support specialist to help students develop these skills.

Freelance Writer or Blogger: You can write articles, blog posts, or books on the subject of building confidence and resilience. Share your knowledge and experiences to help others.

Therapist or Psychologist: With advanced education and licensure, you can become a therapist or psychologist who specialises in building confidence and resilience as part of mental health treatment.

Social Entrepreneur: You can start your own social enterprise or non-profit organisation focused on building confidence and resilience in underserved communities.

Wellness Coach: Wellness coaches help clients improve their overall well-being, which can include building confidence and resilience.

Remember that the skills of confidence and resilience are transferable and can be applied to various careers and life situations. Additionally, consider that some of these roles may require further education, certification, or specialised training depending on the specific career path you choose to pursue.

Mandatory Units

There are no mandatory units.

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For further information please contact T: 0161 886 7070 or E: info@trafford.ac.uk

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Although every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within this document is accurate, there may be changes to this programme and provision. We will endeavour to keep prospective and current students updated where appropriate and when the information becomes available.
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